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Ash Dieback


Unfortunately, this fungal disease is ripping through our native ash trees throughout Gloucestershire. Celtic Roots have already been required to dismantle singular trees as well as large parts of woodlands in the Wye Valley, Cotswolds and Forest of Dean, where ash trees have succumbed to the disease.

It is known as dieback as the tree literally dies from the tips back. With the first signs to most people's eyes being that the end branches are beginning to die, and epicormic sprouting is witnessed on the trunkward end of the limbs. However, this is already an advanced state and the tree needs addressing urgently as such branches are then at risk of falling, and bely decay on the larger limbs and perhaps the trunk itself. 


However, the news is not all bad. In ash plantations in Europe where the disease has travelled from, the highest recorded loss in ash plantations has been 80%. That means a significant proportion of ash trees are showing natural resistance. 

So if you have ash trees you are concerned about, the best thing is to call Celtic Roots Tree Services to come and check them for you, and we can help identify any infected trees and the best course of action to take.

For some useful further information on the disease you could start with the Forestry Commission's Research page :